Map My Business online LLC PRIVACY POLICY

Securing your privacy is our commitment. All your personal information will be used only to process your order, verifying your account, and make the farter communication with you regard the present status of the order you have placed. Our Newsletter and advertising information will go to your email ID as long as you allow them. We will also use your contact at the time of the consumer survey. In order to discontinue this marketing communication, you need simply unsubscribe the link.

Privacy Policy refers to a collection of guiding principle that Map My Business online LLC stick on concerning the gathering and storage of the private data of its Clients. You are requested to read all the associated documents carefully. You may notice settings to manage your data and shield your privacy and security at My Account.

Map My Business online LLC Privacy Policy clarifies

  • What data we tend to collect and why we tend to collect it.
  • How we tend to use that data
  • The decisions we provide, together with a way to access and update data.
  • Information we tend to share


We gather information to offer improved services to all of our clients:

The type of information we collect from our customer:

  • Name
  • Billing address
  • Email address
  • State driver's license number
  • Phone number
  • Credit/debit card information
  • Alternative payment information (Wire, PrePay, PayPal, etc)
  • Unique identifiers (such as username and password)
  • Retail site URL or marketplace name
  • Shipping account information
  • Federal EIN
  • State sales tax ID

We need some information regarding your customer to offer a special type of service such as direct drop shipped service to your customer. In this case, you need to provide the following information.

  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Email

The information you provide us:

For example, several of our services need you to check in for Map My Business online LLC account. Once you use our service, we will record personal data, like your name, email address, phone number or MasterCard to store as your account data. If you wish to require full advantage of the sharing options we provide, we would additionally raise you to make a publically visible Map My Business online LLC Profile, which can embrace your name and picture.

Information we save when you utilise our services

We collect data regarding the services that you just use and the way you utilize them, like after you visit an internet site that uses our services, or read and act with our content.

Location information:

When you use Map My Business online LLC, we tend to could collect and method data concerning your actual location. We tend to use numerous technologies to work out location, as well as IP address, and placement.

Cookies and analogous tools:

Our cookies are not the device to collect your personal information rather facilitate your web interaction with us. We are using log files for certain specific purpose related to the web management activities. Log files are not connected with any personally identifiable information.


We will use the registration information to convey to you our latest and special offers.

New letter:

Our newsletter will communicate the updated new regarding our service.

Service information:

  • It is the non-promotional information communication regarding our services the user can get the idea regarding its availability. This is also optional information.

Customer service:

  • The user can get access to the customer service through email or phone.


At Map My Business online LLC we believe in giving leverage to all our beloved users the access to their respected personal identifiable information obtained by us at any point in time they wish to. If you desire to make any changes to your personal information, you can alter that as many times you wish to by logging into your account and visiting the ‘Settings' section of the website. If there is an error message that may pop, send us a request for the factual error. Before making any alteration, we will first verify with you.


Keeping in mind our user's valuable credentials that they share with us both online and offline as well, we have designed one of the most efficient and secure online protection systems. When the user into our system punches sensitive information such as credit card numbers, we make sure that the preeminent encryption tool has encrypted the entire details of the card. While securing information online using SSL encryption systems, Map My Business online LLC makes a precautionary endeavour to protect offline information as well. Users would be glad to know that the information mentioned above is also restricted in our offices as well. For billing purposes or customer service representation, the information of the users that have to be revealed to our respected employees is granted only after thorough verification of the employees' identity. Employees of Map My Business online LLC keep an updated record of all security and privacy practices. The servers that store personally identifiable information are absolutely locked in a secure environment behind an enclosed cage. We will use your contact number for the accounts management purpose. You will only contact you for your advice regarding our service. In Map My Business online LLC we are not going to share any of your personal information without your consent. We will share the information with some third parties. They are following,

  • Your personal information (products you purchase from us, your name, address, email address) will be shared with companies with whom we retain commercial relation.
  • We will share your information with our marketing partners and the companies with our commercial relationship.
  • We will share our user statistics with our prospective partners.
  • We can share your personal information to protect our confidentiality agreement with you.


Map My Business online LLC is enabled to exercise rights over any amendments, modifications, or changes to this Privacy Policy at any point in time. We will notify our users about such changes via email in case of any material change done to the privacy policy. In case our users refuse to agree on such changes, one can alter notification settings to opt out of certain notices from Map My Business online LLC or its marketing partners. Further, if the user has any remaining queries or doubt regarding security at our website, feel free to contact Customer Support.


Map My Business online LLC Support is presented by Map My Business online LLC.

If you have any query regarding this privacy proclamation or the performance of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact privacy@ Our dedicated Customer Care Support will attentively answer any further queries or concerns.