Map My Business online LLC- Refund Policy

Map My Business online LLC will issue a complete refund for subscription-based plans if they fail to solve even a single matter for you within the initial 30 days of the subscription. However, there are one or more solved matters, the amount for the Subscription Service will not be subjected to a complete refund. In spite of this policy, Map My Business online LLC possibly will agree to invoke a partial refund of Subscription fees after subtracting the charges for servicing the client on a case-by-case basis, at its sole prudence.

For the incident-based campaign, a client will be entitled to refund if any of the subsequent conditions are fulfilled:

  • The client has all the requisites that are necessary to solve the issue.
  • The problem is not solved until the time account was active.
  • Before 30 days until Map My Business Online LLC consultant, has worked on the related problem.